Forward Controls Design ATA (Adjustable Turret Cap for Aimpoint Micro T1/H1/T2/H2)

Forward Controls Design ATA (Adjustable Turret Cap for Aimpoint Micro T1/H1/T2/H2)

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Tired of losing your aimpoint micro adjustment caps and having to use a special tool? These caps gives you the ability to make adjustments without even having to remove your caps! 


ATA consists of a pair of 17-4-SS Billet Machined Cap with internal O Ring, and a 17-4 SS Rotating Disc with an externally accessible top slot. The disc has two dots/protrusions that mate perfectly with the two indentations of the adjustment dial on the sight. To make adjustments to either the wind age or elevation, the user uses the rim of a cartridge (.223,.308,.45 ACP, and 9mm were tested) or a coin to rotate the externally accessible disc of the ATA


ATA’s caps are serrated to assist in its instillation. There are 12 serrations total, matching the tick marks on the inside of the factory t1 cap.


The internal O ring prevents undue moisture from entering the ATA. In water immersion testing, ATA’s ability to keep out water is on par with the single piece factory cap to the depth of 77ft.


Aimpoint only warranties the sights to the advertised depths with the caps installed. When installing the ATA, please do not remove the O rings already present in the sight.


ATA is billet machined in 17-4 stainless steel, and qpq treated. 


ATA is proudly made in the USA. Patent Pending


The adjustment caps on the T1/T2 are NOT interchangeable with those on the M5.  ATA M5 will be released in 2020.
ATA is shipped with the internal O ring already installed.   It is a good idea to keep the O rings (both the O rings on the base of the adjustments, and ATA's internal O rings)  lubricated with silicon based lubrication.   In a pinch, petroleum jelly can be used as a substitute, but we recommend using the correct lube (silicon based O ring lube) for the ATA.
ATA caps should remain stationary when the discs are rotated, though it is acceptable for the ATA caps to rotate 90 degrees in either direction as long as the caps still apply pressure on the O ring on the base of the adjustment.  When there is excessive cap movement (i.e. the caps easily moves in unison with the disc while making adjustment), silicon based O ring lubricant should be applied to ATA's internal O ring.